Well over a year ago, in November 2016, we wrote about the future – New York City’s future to be exact – in a scenario where the city becomes the largest solar energy producer in the world.

The prediction incorporated solar panels, solar glass and electricity-producing glass coatings, solar storage, buildings functioning off the grid, and a net zero carbon foot print, as well as updates in fast-moving solar technologies.

Thus, we were quite gratified when Newsweek published an article a year later with similar information that included Michigan State University’s R&D of a fully transparent solar concentrator that can turn any glass, from your office window, home skylight and Smartphone screen, into the equivalent of a solar panel.

Having been prescient on this score, will our prediction that NYC will become the world’s largest solar energy producer be far behind? Stay tuned.

Read our article (Solar in the City: Skyscrapers Rock & Rule, November 2016) and many others on solar power in this blog’s Solar category.

Read the Newsweek article here:


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