The December holiday period is noteworthy not only for end of year festivities, but for charitable giving, hospitality and caring. But what about the rest of the year? What cities rank highest in the country for volunteer work, donations to charities, being compassionate?

You guessed it, because most likely if you’re reading this (point of origin: New York City), you’re a New Yorker by birth, geography or spirit. And you know your tribe.

Forget that Travel + Leisure Magazine has repeatedly named New Yorkers the rudest people in America; we are also some of the most generous and kind. Caring, in fact, according to new research by Wallet Hub on “2018’s Most Caring Cities in America.”

Their methodology compared the top 100 most populated U.S. cities based on levels of caring for the community, the vulnerable, and in the workforce. They then did evaluations using metrics for each category ranging from crime rates to energy efficiency, child and adult poverty rates to pet shelters and rescues, and the number of social workers, physicians, doctors, special-ed teachers, firefighters and paramedics.

End result: Out of 100 U.S. cities, New York is #2. Yes, we said #2. Madison, Wisconsin was #1.

It may be difficult to believe that we are not a number one, top of the list. Guess we’ll just have to try harder.

See the report here:

By Steven J. Schleider, MAI, LEED-AP BD+C, President, Metropolitan Valuation Services