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If the Shoe Fits: Exciting New Use for Ocean Plastic

Awareness of how polluted our oceans have become, of ways and products to decrease the use of single-use plastics, and innovative companies that are cleaning up the oceans with new methods, equipment and purpose, all contribute to solving a serious and complex problem. The question is: is the ecological disaster of ocean pollution already insurmountable? […]

Billions of cockroaches. What could go wrong?

It’s the stuff horror movies are made of. Billions of cockroaches (the larger American kind, not the small, fast brown German roaches we all know and hate) are being held captive in a secure escape-proof facility. The air is warm. The humidity is high. The crunch, crunch, crunching is loud. Then there’s an earth tremor. […]

The Big (Baked) Apple

For the next two-three days, we’ll be experiencing oppressive high temperatures and humidity, the latter compliments of what was Hurricane Barry in the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of the sweltering heat will be due to what the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) calls a heat dome, a condition when the atmosphere traps hot […]

What and Where the Green Jobs Are

I write about green and sustainability subjects, from whales to widgets, most often focusing on New York City and the real estate, building and design industries and how green affects property value. But with so much change going in the planet – land and sea, climate, technology, laws and restrictions, energy types and usage and […]

Something No One Expected: Whales are Back in New York Harbor

If your New York wildlife experiences have been limited to pizza-loving rats, chattering squirrels and endless pigeons get ready for a surprise. To the astonishment of just about everyone, humpback whales have returned to New York waters. Their reappearance is being credited to the Clean Water Act and other anti-pollution and protection programs. Humpback whales […]

De Blasio’s Battle Against Them Dirty Rats

The first time I wrote about NYC rats was three years ago when I addressed some fascinating background about their growth – literally and figuratively – in tandem with Mayor De Blasio’s $2.9 million rat control program. He joined other recent mayors including Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg in the fight against rats. My POV on […]

Clothes May Make the Person, But They’re Killing the Environment

We’re not talking about laundry detergents, bleach or color-preserving additives. Nor Ocean Breeze, Clean Linen or French Lavender scents or what some people consider to be irresistible Unstoppables fragrances. We’re also not saying they aren’t damaging to the environment because they are. Unlike old-fashioned soap, most laundry products are made from chemicals. They may smell […]

Recycling: Six Degrees of Separation

In the U.S., recycling programs have had less than stellar results. Our intentions are good as we carefully separate plastics, aluminum, paper, and glass into the recycling bin, feeling like good save-the-earth citizens. What experts call “single-stream recycling” is certainly convenient and been embraced by much of the country. But, alas, it’s a flawed system. […]

Earth Day: Step This Way!!!

Since 1970, April 22nd has been celebrated as a day to honor environmental protection. Today, there are vast, global issues affecting that environment including climate change, ocean pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, polar cap meltdown and disappearing and endangered species from honey bees to polar bears. The saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with […]