As the cost of solar products rapidly decreases, the cost of acquiring new customers is substantially increasing. Thus, it’s no surprise that when homeowners complained about the same old/same old look of solar panels, manufacturers responded with design-focused solutions for 2019.

This year’s new products will include frameless panels, a response to consumers disliking existing frame appearance. The upside is a fresher, cleaner look. The downside is the need for new mounting systems.

Also new is clear solar panels encased between two pieces of glass that not only harness sunlight but bring it beautifully indoors via skylights, atriums and windows for a natural-light rich interior environment.

Next up are double-sided panels that harvest energy from both sunlight and reflections from a roof or the ground. Ever get snow glare? That gives you an idea of how these dual panels would work on snow-covered, white and bright ground.

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