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You Are Now Entering the Age of Sustainability

According to a Neilson survey, millennials and Gen Z are the first generations willing to pay more for sustainable products. Today’s young woman buying make-up will want to know if the product is tested on animals, the ingredients, if this in sync with her values. It’s part of the farm to table food trend, Fair […]

You Know Who You Are

The December holiday period is noteworthy not only for end of year festivities, but for charitable giving, hospitality and caring. But what about the rest of the year? What cities rank highest in the country for volunteer work, donations to charities, being compassionate? You guessed it, because most likely if you’re reading this (point of […]

Great News for Your Grandkids: The Ozone Layer is Recovering

According to a recently released UN report, the ozone layer is recovering from being depleted, first noted in the late 1970s and at its worst in the late 1990s. Since then, with greatly reduced use of aerosol sprays and coolants containing man-made chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the ozone layer has been recovering at between 1-3% […]

Building Value with Green Infrastructure – Part 1

Going green, in its many ways, is a recurring theme of mine. Whether green roofs, biophilic design, green trends, low-cost tips for going green, greening offices, conference rooms and lobbies, laying permeable pavements and planting trees, greening the office building and environment and green infrastructure creates value. What kind of value and how much depends […]

New York City Roofs: Going…Going…Green!

Think what you will of the New York City Council, you’ve got to give them credit for one of their latest initiatives – a bill to require all new construction, buildings undergoing major renovations and those remodeling their roofs to install a green roof, solar or small wind turbines. Addressing all of the above would […]