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New York City Roofs: Going…Going…Green!

Think what you will of the New York City Council, you’ve got to give them credit for one of their latest initiatives – a bill to require all new construction, buildings undergoing major renovations and those remodeling their roofs to install a green roof, solar or small wind turbines. Addressing all of the above would […]

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Cleanup Beginning Soon

Can you even imagine 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic? 80,000 tons of it plus fishing line and other assorted trash? In a watery scrapheap twice the size of Texas? It’s the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located between Hawaii and California that has long been a cause of great environmental concern for the ongoing viability of […]

Set Sail to Swale, NYC’s Only Food Forest on Water

New York City’s urban density and the astronomical cost of every square foot of real estate, precludes garden-grown food except in pockets of community gardens, the small backyards of homeowners, and growing number of rooftop farms. But, among them all, the only water-based resource is Swale, a 130-foot long floating barge where a growing garden […]

Urban Farming Down Under

We have long been a proponent of rooftop gardens and farms which make fine use of otherwise unproductive space, as well as serving to insulate buildings, prevent damaging runoff and alleviate the Heat Island Effect. Manhattan is, after all, a vertical metropolis where the use of every square foot is both art and science. While […]

The Naked Alternative to Shampoo in Plastic Bottles

The shampoo bar may well be the eco-friendliest solution to what is estimated to be 552 million plastic shampoo bottles we throw out annually. One naked bar provides about 80 washes – the equivalent of three medium-size bottles. With plastic packaging so predominant in the cosmetics and beauty industry, naked alternatives to plastic packaging like […]

New Green Trend: Recycle Plastics at Home

It’s low cost, easy to do and fun to create new items from your at-home plastics recycling center. Is it pretty? Uh, no. Is it kind of terrific? Uh, yup. Created by Dave Hakkens, “Precious Plastic” has four machines with different functions. You can build them yourself – there are tutorials – and they’re easy […]

Plates Made from Leaves – Wow!

All you foodies and “greenies” out there – here’s a great PR idea that will help cut down on plastic and position you – and your company – as savvy and eco-friendly. Following in the long-time tradition of Asian countries, particularly India, a German company is now producing strong, waterproof, biodegradeable plates made of stitched […]


Our Oceans: Death by Plastic

The subject of ocean pollution and the damage it does to the ecosystem requires a book. A very large, dense book. At present, it’s a disturbing read. Every year, 1.4 billion pounds of trash enters the ocean. It consists of run-off pesticides, herbicides, detergents, oils, chemical fertilizers and untreated sewage. The latter is primarily plastic […]